On Sunday, January 29, 2023, the Church School "Gračanica" solemnly celebrated its Patron - Saint Sava, the First Archbishop of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Enlightener of Serbia. The celebration itself began with the Divine Liturgy served by Rev. Vladimir Vranić, with a large number of attendants at the altar (Altar Boys) led by the reader Brian Payne and Mr. Aleksandar Stevanov. The apostle of that day was read by Nela Vucak.


Almost all the students who were there that day received Holy Communion, and after the prayer of the Ambo, the Slava bread (Kolach) and boiled wheat (Zhito) were blessed. The custom that has become established in our school is that the Kumovi for the previous year make Kolach and Zhito, thus, last year's Kumovi, Ilija Todorović and Georgia Ventrella, made beautiful Slava gifts. As every year, the teaching council chose the most deserving students for the school year, based on attendance at church and engagement and success in the church school. This year, Antonina Vranić and Lara Mirković were chosen and specially honored as Kume of the School’s Slava. Hereby, we especially congratulate them on the recognition and blessing, and we wish them much success in their further education and professional development.


After the consecration of the Slava gifts and at the end of the Liturgy, all the present students sang together the hymn to Saint Sava, and the rest of the audience spontaneously joined in as well.


In the continuation of the celebration, a festive table of love was arranged in the Serbian Center. The program was opened by the Principal of the school, Ms. Mirjana Vujanović, wishing everyone a warm welcome. Then, this year's Kume, Antonina and Lara, greeted everyone present, and in their separate addresses emphasized their positive experiences at the school, giving more reasons to join the church school for those who have not yet done so. The church school operates solely thanks to the love and dedication of teachers who enjoy and know how to work with children, as well as to the parents who regularly bring their children to the activities offered by the school.


Then followed a rich program in the Serbian language prepared by the students of the school. The program was diverse, from singing, then reciting, through folklore dances, all the way to a play that talks about the most significant moments from the life of Saint Sava in a simple and engaging way. Everyone who was involved in the work and preparation of this celebration knows how much effort the children and teachers put in to make the program successful. At the end of the program, the Principal of the school, Ms. Mirjana Vujanović, in an emotional address after the wonderful celebration, particularly emphasized the hard work of the teachers and the great team of people who selflessly support the work of the school. Then followed a surprise for the best students, namely, Mr. Slobodan Mirković, in agreement with the Principal Mirjana Vujanović, gave away several Roblox cards to the delight of the students. The joy continued with the drawing of winners and the distribution of numerous prizes and gifts.


In this way, we once again express our special gratitude to the teachers who accepted the noble and praiseworthy responsibility of teaching the younger generation about the Orthodox faith and Serbian culture and tradition. Special thanks for the selfless love, devotion, constant sacrifice and patience to the Principal, Mirjana Vujanović, and also to the great team without whom the school could not exist: Jelena Riberdy, Nada Tremblay, Marija Ana Marietti, Mirjana Dragičević-Ferraro, Milena Stevanov, Dragana Andić, Antonina Vranić , Lidija Dragičević, reader Brian Payne and pre-school assistant Mila Jelić.


Srecna Slava, Sveti Sava! Many more blessed years!

Rev. Vladimir Vranic